Trails in Oxford




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There are three different categories of trails

  1. Gold:
    Trails for motorized use such as ATV's, snowmobiles

  2. Green:
    Trails for non-motorized use such as walking, cross-country skiing, cycling

  3. Blue:


Trails may be designated for different uses. For example, only walking may be allowed on one trail, while any non-motorized use may be allowed on another trail. Some trails may be designated multi-use, motorized and non-motorized.

When deciding how a trail can be used many factors are considered, including how sensitive the land is and concerns of the landowners.

Oxford County has trails in all three categories:

Gold Trails
Trails for snowmobiles and ATV's have been established by the respective clubs, through agreements with private landowners. These trails can be used by club members only. For further information see: or

Green Trails
Oxford County has 20 green trails totaling 98 km.

For a guide to the green trails see


Blue Trails
Two large rivers flow through Oxford County, the Thames River and the Nith River. Canoes and kayaks can be used on parts of both rivers. For further information on the safe navigation of the rivers contact: Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

Grand River Conservation Authority